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Here at The Anchor Insurance Group, our claim process is focused on giving you back that feeling of control. That’s why we’ve made the process easy, with convenient ways to report your claim.

* To notify us of a claim: please call us at 800-746-1426

* To report your claim directly to your Insurance Carrier, 24/7: See below for a list of Insurance Carrier contact information.  If you carrier is not listed please contact us directly to report the claim.

What should you do if you have an automobile accident or loss?


If you have a homeowners, renters, business, commercial property or boat loss, it’s important that you promptly report the loss, protect your property from further damage, and carefully document the extent of your loss.

What should you do after a loss to your home, dwelling, business or property?

Promptly report the loss to your Insurance Carrier or to your Agent.



Phone: (800) 272-3552

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Phone: (888) 472-5246

24/7 emergency line

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Phone: (800) 221-1605

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Phone:  (617) 557-5691 or
(800) 851-8424

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Phone: (800) 490-0047

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Phone:   888-324-1620

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Phone:  (800) 951-2100

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 United marine

Phone: (800) 477-7140

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Phone: (800) 216-1420

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 Vermont mutual

Phone:  (800) 435-0397

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